December 30, 2005

Einstein’s Riddle – Who owns the fish?

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Albert Einstein wrote this riddle early during the 19th century. He said that 98% of the world’s population would not be able to solve it. Are you in the 2%?
There are no tricks, just pure logic. I just solved it.

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Cop pwnd by pack of Chihuahuas

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The officer suffered minor injuries including bites to his ankle.

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RIAA Accused Of Coaching 15-Year-Old Witness In File Sharing Suit

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Apparently, the lawyers for the RIAA had contacted her [15 year old girl], urging her to testify against the defendants, her employers. Combined with the fact that no other person who testified could recall the defendants ever using the computer to listen to music, it certainly seems to support the story that they did not do so.

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MIT’s stackable car concept

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The Smart Cities team at MIT is tackling the problem of city traffic congestion — still left untouched by the Segway — with a “stackable” car to be used as part of a public transportation program, much like those bicycle-sharing programs in Europe, and stowed like a shopping cart.

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December 28, 2005

Best License Plate Ever

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Kale has the best license plate ever. Surprisingly it got past the Virginia DMV autorities without any problems. If you’re in the VA area, honk if you heart goatse!

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December 25, 2005


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Merry F****ng Christmas everyone,

Time for gifts…

First up is the release of Goldeneye source, this mod for Half-life 2 is a complete recreation of the classic N64 shooter Goldeneye.

Second, for all thoes Pastafarians out there we have The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which won’t be out till march but you can get your pre-orders in now.

Third, the wonderful Violet Blue has put out three special Xmas podcasts, you can find them at Open source sex.

Fourth, a little gift I found at Deviant Art, my wallpaper for the week.

Untill the next post, may all your shots be headshots.

December 22, 2005

Something that we need on D3… (NSFW)

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Ok, this is coming about a week late and from a different college but the floor really needs it.

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Top ten Weirdest case mods

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Personaly I like the anime doll computer, it’s just amazing what went into it.

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December 14, 2005

Fall 2005 Shananagins

Posted in Floor news at 5:59 pm by douglasd3

Ok, as the title states this post is going to be a log of the major shananagins on D3 during the fall of 2005.

First up we have the floor famous sling shot; I can’t give the event due justice, but the video can.

Second, we have the “poop too loud” sign, which I took a photo of and submited to Consumption Junction. AND THEY ACCEPTED IT!

Third, we have the lounge computer. After weeks of having windows and clean access make it so no one can go online, the me and the guys decided to remove windows and install ubuntu linux. Nothing like using school property to give M$ the finger.

P.S. Watch out for upcoming posts on tech news.

December 13, 2005

Hello world!

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Ok, this is the first time i’m doing anythin like this, so bare with me. This is the unoffical blog for the third floor of D wing of Duglas hall at Northern Illinois University. I have two things I want to make absolutly clear. 1. I AM NOT AN ENGLISH MAJOR, so sorry about any spelling or grammer mistakes that I will make. 2. I am doing this not to talk about crap like the menu downstairs, i am writing this because I’m the biggest nerd on the floor and i need to keep up that title while nerdifying my fellow floormates.

That said, our first peice of news (although too late) is that today is Grey Tuesday, so go out and download it while you can. For other news you’ll have to wait till the next post, Fall 2005 shanangins.