December 13, 2005

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:23 pm by douglasd3

Ok, this is the first time i’m doing anythin like this, so bare with me. This is the unoffical blog for the third floor of D wing of Duglas hall at Northern Illinois University. I have two things I want to make absolutly clear. 1. I AM NOT AN ENGLISH MAJOR, so sorry about any spelling or grammer mistakes that I will make. 2. I am doing this not to talk about crap like the menu downstairs, i am writing this because I’m the biggest nerd on the floor and i need to keep up that title while nerdifying my fellow floormates.

That said, our first peice of news (although too late) is that today is Grey Tuesday, so go out and download it while you can. For other news you’ll have to wait till the next post, Fall 2005 shanangins.


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