February 17, 2006

Firefox rocks!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:38 am by douglasd3

With more people switchto firefox to avoid clean access i have decided to write this little ditty about the good things that firefox has to offer.

I have decided to start small, as small as an extention. An extention is a little program that adds itself into firefox, they are created by everday people to help them use firefox. Now i most of you know what the user agent switcher is, it’s an extention. To find new extentions you go to the firefox homepage, then to the firefox extention page and search around, you’ll find them. Extentions can do anything from auto translating a page to changing how the download window looks.

So know the extentions that i use: (these will become links in the next day or two)
-Session saver (auto loads all the pages you had when you quit)

-Forcast fox (give you a little weather forcast in the bottom corner of you window)

-Download manager tweak ( makes the download manager more user freindly)

-BugMeNot ( uses a list of names so that you don’t have to register to view one article from the new york times)


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