March 14, 2007


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This is an old PSA from the ’70s with an alternate soundtrack, that sounds like it was done by a mobster.

NSFW PSA [ via BoingBoing]


March 3, 2007

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patents is a website devoted to patents for adult devices. It’s a good read, I like it. [via SlashDong ]

February 21, 2007

Beer Tui

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Beer Tui

Sorry for the tardiness of this post, i’ve been busy, but I did manage to find this little gem for your viewing pleasure. Also don’t forget to send in anything you find, my email is on the right, just put submission as the subject.

Beer Tui ad [via Pussy Calor]

February 18, 2007

Darwinian Pick-up lines

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Charles Darwin

Today’s post is an interesting one, it’s a list of evolution inspired pickup lines. I think I might actually use one.

Top Ten Best Darwinian Pick-up Lines [via Memoirs of a Skepchick]

February 16, 2007

Pervesion for Profit

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Pervesion for profit

It’s been a slow news day so I decided to dust off a classic, Perversion for Profit. This 1960’s  propaganda film was about the evils of pornography, now it just makes me laugh. The video has two parts, both available at the internet archive.

Perversion for Profit (part 1) (part2)

February 14, 2007


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Busty Mousepad

I know that you’ve seen this before, but the difference is that this is the site where you can buy them. Enjoy!

Busty Mousepads [via Gizmodo]

February 12, 2007

“Cleaning house”

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Looks like a vacuum might be a good present after all. Looks like the vid is from the late 80′.s

Woman fucks vacuum [via FleshBot]

February 10, 2007


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A wonderfull look at the thoughts of a stockboy.

Cashback [via Pussycalor]

December 13, 2006

The Lost Room

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If you haven’t seen this show, watch it. This show is amazing. It about a detective who comes into ownership of “the key,” one object of many with mysterious power, I don’t want to spoil it so i’ll just give you a link to the trailer.

The Lost Room

November 9, 2006

How to Determine if You Are An Engineer

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Sorry for not posting in a while but I have been very busy with class and the like *cough* bible black *cough*. So to bring back the funk I have stumbled upon this joke test to determin if you are a geek. Have fun.

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